Wednesday, July 14, 2010

starting running and seasonal eating

My 5K training program told me to run/walk 2 miles yesterday, so I added that to my normal morning workout. I had two miles on the elliptical, a little bit of weights, and a two mile run out in the heat. Well more like a 1.25 mile run, and a one mile walk. Don't laugh, I'm a beginner. At least my legs feel fine today. I was mildly worried about hurting, but I'd doing great!

I had great fuel for my extra exercise, or at least tasty fuel. I had my normal (boring) oatmeal for lunch.

I snacked on a half a piece of left over pumpkin bread. I cannot tell you how good this is, I'm trying not to eat the last couple pieces all at once. Betty Crocker never lets me down!

And then for dinner I made a great crab cake salad.

It was a spicy, seafoody, fresh dinner even though it only had three ingredients: romaine, corn, and crab cake. I finished it with a squidge of lemon and a little Old Bay. Yum! The crab crakes were actually pretty healthy. They only had one tablespoon of light mayonnaise, and other than the crab everything else was fat free.

I know it seems I eat nothing but salads, but I'm a seasonal eater. When it's warm I pretty much live off them, but in the fall and winter I'm much more of a soup and warm food person. It makes eating well a challenge for half the year, but it is easier in the summer. I have a feeling a lot of people are like that. At least I have company.

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