Sunday, July 25, 2010

nights with the girls

Yesterday my sister and I went out for a girls night with dinner and a movie. Of course it was me, so we went and got sushi. We have similar tastes so she was equally as pleased, but even with sushi it was a bit of an effort to make sure it was glutton free. Apparently soy sauce has wheat and soy (obviously), so she isn't supposed to eat it. And tempura breading is definitely not glutton free, and half the rolls have cream cheese, which is dairy. We half managed. She ended up eating a little tempura, but otherwise stayed good.

We started off with edemame for me.

And a seaweed salad for her.

Then we got three different crab rolls.

Sooooo good!

We were really full when we dragged ourselves to go see the Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was ok, but Nicolas Cage still can only manage to play one character.

While we were driving home a friend of mine from out of town called and said she was here. So I dropped my sister off at the house and went to go see her. We ended up going to Cook Out (never a good move) and getting milkshakes. Oh well, one bad weekend wont kill me.

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