Thursday, July 15, 2010

new yogurt and simple foods

I just finished a 15 minute jog and I'm feeling awesome right now. My ankles are a little sore, but tomorrow is a rest day on my training program so I'm not too worried. I have to ask, is it hot any where else in the country? It's really challenging to do anything outside, let alone run. But hey, I finished and that's enough for me.

I tried a new yogurt yesterday. Breyers YoCrunch 100 calorie in cheesecake is relatively decent. I did super love the little graham cracker cookie pieces. For some reason, I find foods that don't require any chewing less filling. I know it's not true, but my mental perceptions were pleased with the chrunchies.

I was all by myself last night, so I made up a plate of simple easy foods. It started with scrambled eggs with some Old Bay thrown.

Then a fruit salad with half a green apple and a handful of strawberries.

And of course, another piece of pumpkin bread. I swear, if anyone is actually reading this you must go make this bread. Right. Now.

And a picture of my plate just for good measure.

This would actually make a really good breakfast. Protein, cabs, fruit, yummy!

Now I'm off to go be productive. It's good to do that at some point. Just saying.

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